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Welcome to SATS

The South African Theatre Nurse Organisation - SATS - is a professional organisation, dedicated to enhancing the professionalism of operating theatre nurses.

SATS believes that in accordance with the Constitution of SA and the Human Rights Charter, every patient has the right to the highest standard of care, according to his or her needs. It is a historical fact that a suitably qualified registered nurse practitioner assists the surgeon during a surgical intervention. She is accountable for her acts and omissions, and that of the support staff. We further believe that every peri-operative nurse practitioner is accountable for his/her personal skills and knowledge development, clinical practice and professional practice.

SATS is a Section 21 company since October 2002, and therefore a non-profitable organisation.

Latest News

APPSA Mpumalanga Chapter News
Added 16 June 2016
“Tis skill, not strength, that governs a ship”.
This is the words with the most impact that we have come across recently. This is so true with regards to our governing bodies in our profession. If we as managers and the managements of the hospitals could empower our subordinates as to improving their skills and knowledge; what an unstoppable force we as a profession would be.
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APPSA Nurses’ Day 2016
Added 11 May 2016
Once again we will soon be celebrating Nurses’ Day 2016. As per the ICN this year will focus on: “A Force for change, improving health systems’ resilience”.
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APPSA Gauteng Chapter News
Added 14 April 2016
As we move into the most beautiful time of the year, and getting ready for winter, we realize that once again the year is rolling on, and we will be losing control if we do not step up and grab life with both hands.
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